Precise surgical planning suite


Spine Procedures

Surgical treatment of the spine requires planning and precision crafted around each patient’s unique challenges and anatomy – a process streamlined by Invivo Robotics Technology. That’s why leading hospitals worldwide are utilizing Renaissance to assist in a wide variety of spine procedures every day.


Brain Procedures

Invivo Robotics Guidance System can be used for a variety of stereotactic brain procedures. The system’s advanced technology provides highly accurate access to the areas of the brain where intervention is needed. Utilizing a small, frameless platform the Renaissance system provides a 360-degree working volume for surgeons to easily change trajectories intraoperatively.


Anatomy recognition engine


Patient connection platform


Cross modality image registration


Clinical Evidence

Published clinical data supporting the use of Invivo Robotics technology in surgery.

Patient Outcomes

Perioperative course and accuracy of screw positioning in conventional, open robotic-guided and percutaneous robotic-guided, pedicle screw placement.

Compared to open, conventional procedures, patients that underwent surgery with Invivo Robotics technology had:




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