At Invivo Robotics, we believe that ideas, when coupled with rigorous research, can drive the innovation required to solve the challenging healthcare needs of today and tomorrow.

Our scientists and engineers are committed to an expansive research program whether working alone or in partnership with a network of academic collaborators.

Research collaborations between academic researchers and industry are essential in helping to understand unmet clinical needs and in developing appropriate technology solutions to address those needs; ultimately resulting in better patient care and outcomes.

The research portfolio at Invivo Robotics spans from early phase, basic discovery research through product development and sponsored clinical trials for regulatory clearance. Post market research includes developing evidence to support acceptance of new technologies and practices and to drive clinical adoption and development of practice guidelines through expansion of existing intended uses and indications for use. Investigator sponsored research projects are a large and important component of Invivo Robotics’ research portfolio.

Working together, we can develop solutions to unmet clinical needs. We invite you to learn more about our research process, who we are, and to contact us to discuss opportunities to collaborate.


Why Collaborate with Invivo Robotics?

Invivo Robotics offers collaborating researchers access to technology and support. Research concepts developed by the researcher are eligible for support under the Invivo Robotics Investigator Research (IRIR) program. Acceptance of proposals is based on scientific, medical, and health economic merit and alignment with Invivo Robotics’ strategic business interests as reflected in Invivo Robotics’ strategic research needs. New proposals are considered on an ongoing basis. We value our collaborators, and strive to develop lasting research relationships.

Pioneering Collaborative Medical Solutions

Invivo Robotics is committed to collaborate with researchers to develop medical solutions that improve patient care. Innovative concepts from qualified researchers help Invivo Robotics build the next generation of medical products and practices. These proposals lead to studies designed to develop new technologies and techniques, as well as studies focused on developing more efficient solutions to reduce costs, mitigate provider burden, or increase access to care. Together, we can identify and propose innovative solutions for unmet clinical needs. We value our research collaborators and strive to build lasting relationships that result in ongoing, mutually beneficial, research partnerships spanning many years.


Technology leadership

Invivo Robotics is focused on developing new and existing products in a variety of care areas. We work with thought leaders in medicine, physics, and science to push the boundaries of technology to achieve optimal care for patients worldwide. Invivo Robotics can help researchers to investigate and develop new hardware, software, and algorithm technologies. Our partnerships are enabling world class technology solutions for medical care.


Driving availability, accessibility, acceptability, and quality

According to recent World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, at least a billion people suffer each year because they cannot obtain the health services they need, and over 100 million people experience hardships as a result of health care expenditures that can be devastating. Invivo Robotics believes that partnerships with researchers across the globe with innovative approaches will lead us to identifying and addressing care burdens and shortages, and increasing access and adoption of critical health care technologies.


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