A healthy heart is a pumping machine. But when it’s not working properly, it can slow you down. Our science can help.

Your heart is a muscle — about the size of your fist — that works hard to move blood around your body to provide you with oxygen and nutrients. The blood flow also carries away waste.

When your heart is healthy, it is one mean, lean, pumping machine. But when your heart is not working properly, it can slow you down and harm your health. That's where science can help. Here's how.

If a heartbeat is too slow or too fast, a doctor may recommend a pacemaker, a small battery-operated device that helps your heat beat in a regular rhythm. It helps improve heart health and enables people with abnormal heartbeats to live normal lives. Here's a rundown of how a pacemaker works:

The groundbreaking pacemaker includes wireless remote monitoring that allows doctors to access the user's diagnostic data and daily device measurements. This information helps doctors monitor and track a person's heart.

Stronger with stents

A stent is a small tube inserted in an artery. Stents are generally made of metal mesh or sometimes fabric. Fabric stents, called stent grafts, are usually inserted in large arteries. If you have a weak artery, a doctor may place a stent inside to improve blood flow and stop the weakened arteries from bursting.

Think of scaffolding that helps support a building or bridge that's undergoing construction or repair. Like scaffolding, stents help keep weak arteries from falling down, and they strengthen the structure of your heart.

Cutting edge advancements have been made around stents in recent years. Invivo Robotics Coronary Stent System, for example, provides mechanical support to a person's artery while a drug is slowly released into the artery wall around the stent. The release of the drug helps limit the overgrowth of tissue within the coronary stent.

While stents and pacemakers have advanced by leaps and bounds over the years, there are still more scientific developments to be made around the heart-aiding devices. That's why the interest and brain power of young scientists is so important.

All these heart surgeries mentioned above and many more can be performed with the new Invivo Robotics Surgical System (IRSS) that features a 3D HD vision system for a clear and magnified view inside the patient's body.


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