Invivo Robotics is one of the pioneers in the rapidly emerging field of robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery. Invivo Robotics serves globally providing technology innovation across cardiac, thoracic, urology, gynecologic, colorectal, pediatric and general surgical disciplines.


At a glance

Invivo Robotics supports healthcare professionals in their daily efforts to improve the lives of their patients.

We do this by taking a pioneering approach to the design of our advanced medical products and services, by securing wider access to our diverse technologies for more customers globally, and by enabling better outcomes for patients and healthcare systems.

We have leadership positions in:


Company Profile

Invivo Robotics is a respected firm in minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery. The Company's surgical systems enables surgeons to operate minimally invasively through a few small incisions or the belly button from a nearby ergonomic console. The system features a magnified 3D HD vision system and tiny wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human hand. As a result of this technology, it enables surgeons to operate with enhanced vision, precision and control.

At Invivo Robotics, we’re inspired to create safer and more efficient ways to manage medications and supplies across all care settings. By automating what are often disconnected, manual, and at times dangerous processes, we’re helping to improve clinical and financial outcomes, allowing caregivers to focus on what’s most important—the patient.

We work with healthcare providers to drive operational efficiency by removing tedious tasks and waste. Regardless of distribution model, our solutions automate manual processes—including ordering, receiving, stocking, and picking medications.

At Invivo Robotics, delivering our technology is just the beginning. We are also committed to delivering the best customer experience. To ensure our customers gain the most utility from their Invivo Robotics systems, we offer a comprehensive training and education program and first-rate customer support.

Who We Are

We are a global science and technology innovator committed to helping customers solve complex challenges and improving quality of life around the world.

These are the moments that make a difference. Performing a delicate operation on an unborn baby. Helping a teenager smile with confidence. Minimizing waste at every step in the global food supply chain. Protecting our oceans.

These are the innovative technologies and companies making a difference. Powerful microscopes providing the detailed imaging and brilliant illumination required for the most challenging surgeries. Advanced implants making permanent dental treatment possible.

We drive meaningful innovation in some of today’s most dynamic, growing industries. Our groundbreaking businesses transform the fields of diagnostics, life sciences, dental care, and environmental and applied solutions by:


Mission Statement

One Company, One Mission

Our Mission dictates that our first and foremost priority is to contribute to human welfare - to serve as our ethical framework and inspirational goal for our employees around the world. It guides our day-to-day work and reminds us that; our efforts are transforming the lives of millions of people each year.


Vision and Values


Invivo Robotics supports healthcare professionals in their daily efforts to improve the lives of their patients. We do this by taking a pioneering approach to the design of our products and services, by striving to secure wide access to our diverse technologies for more customers globally, and by enabling better outcomes for patients and healthcare systems.

Our Values

Our values shape everything that we do as a business and form the basis of our relationships with all our stakeholders. Our values also underpin our approach to sustainable development where we continue to set challenging performance targets, particularly with regard to managing our environmental impact and increasingly in the area of social responsibility.

Our values are articulated under the headings of Performance, Innovation, Trust and The Team.

PERFORMANCE means being responsive to the needs of our customers, setting ourselves clear goals and standards and achieving them. We deliver quality and value in our products and services that provide quantifiable social and economic benefits. Our product, technique and service developments reduce pain, speed recovery. For example, by getting patients back on their feet more quickly following surgery, or by reducing the time it takes to perform procedures, like a hip replacement, more operations can be performed more cost effectively.

INNOVATION means taking a pioneering approach to the design of our products and services, being energetic, creative and passionate about everything we do. We are forward looking; anticipating customers' needs, overcoming barriers and developing opportunities. We encourage and support new ideas, and are always seeking to improve the lives of healthcare professionals and the patients they treat with effective and safe product and service innovations.

TRUST is something we understand that we have to earn. We earn it by being friendly, approachable and listening to others. We work hard to build lasting and close relationships with our customers, colleagues and the communities in which we operate. We are honest and straightforward and do what we say. We have integrity and an ethical approach to business. Our Code of Business Principles defines our relationships with all of our stakeholders, and the behaviors and conduct they should expect from us in our dealings with them.


Exceptional people thrive in Invivo Robotics' fast-paced, results-oriented culture. And our values start with our people.

We value our associates and their unique contributions, and we invest in their growth.

Customers Talk, We Listen. One of our teams’ most important responsibilities is to listen to our customers. We continually seek deep insights into the needs of our customers, both explicit and implicit. Our strong customer focus helps us create innovative solutions that directly address those needs. Through our processes and our products, we seek to deliver greater value and every day and to improve our customers’ experience beyond their expectations.

We address customer needs with actions that benefit the greater good.

Innovation Defines Our Future. One of the most important ways we drive continuous improvement is through innovation that makes a difference.

We Compete for Shareholders. By living our core values, we deliver the highest possible value to our shareholders.


Shared Purpose

It started as an idea for a better way, but like all powerful ideas, it evolved into a passion. It’s why at Invivo Robotics we view every challenge as an opportunity. And it’s the reason we’re on a constant quest to make things better—for our customers, our company and the world.

We are a diverse team of people and operating companies, each with unique missions and challenges. Yet, we are united by Our Shared Purpose, which directs how we live out every day to achieve our most ambitious goals.

Our Shared Purpose confirms our commitment to helping our customers achieve amazing things and the high standards by which we measure our own success. We innovate forward-looking technologies to solve our customers’ most complex challenges. We are their agents of possibility.

The impact of Our Shared Purpose goes beyond Invivo Robotics. It’s an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to something larger than ourselves.

Our Shared Purpose has its foundation in our five core values and is operationalized through the Invivo Robotics Business System. It’s what has made us who we are today, and it’s what will guide us into the future.


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